Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Simple Wedding Day Tips for a Bride

Simple wedding tips that can make the day go smoother and for you to think about things you have never thought of before….

1. Wear a veil. Where else can you ever wear a veil! It is your wedding day, be bold and make it long!

2. Keep your flowers close. It really adds to your look. Hold the flowers around your belly button so the dress is not covered up and always tilt the flowers towards the camera so we see them and not the stems.

3. Girls be edgy it is 21 century after all! Wear red! Well if you don’t wear red wear something red or green or pink just do it.

4. Talk to the photographer about the time line before you do it. Have them involved with the day’s organization so they can add to it. The photographer is the one that makes the award winning shots so they should be involved in this process. Photographers are master directors - use their experience.

5. Get bubbles if you can’t do rose petals. Have everyone blow bubbles as you walk down the aisle after the ceremony. They are inexpensive and fun and make for great pictures.

6. Have your bridesmaids dressed and ready to help you into your dress. It is the bridesmaid’s job to help you get ready hence, the name also get them to keep the room tidy for the photographer. Think about the photographer’s job. If he/she comes into a room and it is a mess that will hinder some great angles.

7. Get a professional makeup artist. There is nothing worse than shine on the nose. It is not as easy as it looks. But remember….they always seem to take more time than they think they are going to take, so add an extra 1 hour…for the makeup and the hair people. Have the makeup artist give you some power for you to powder before the formals photos, a little powder on the Groom works as well…

**Get your makeup artist to use powder-based foundation and blush… Creams appear shiny on camera…

8. Set enough time with your photographer to get the perfect portraits. Great images do happen but many times, they are well planned for too. The photographer needs time to set up and sometimes it takes a few so don’t get annoyed get happy. He/she is going to make you look like a fashion model.

9. Walk slowly down the aisle and ask everyone to do the same. It gives the photographer a good chance to grab some different angles, people’s reactions, etc.

10. At the end of the ceremony stop on the way back and kiss your spouse. You will remember this great shot years to come. Imagine you are in a movie, because you really are!

11. The toasts should be very short. Nothing faster kills a buzz than long speeches. Make sure every orator toasts no more than a couple of minutes. When the toast is over people are either ready to eat or party; therefore, they are anxious to finish with a formal part.

12. Place the cake in a picturesque spot; otherwise, it's just a cake against a wall. Why spend the money on a lovely cake if you don't give it a beautiful presentation? The table counts too, so decorate it.

Summarizing... whatever you do, do not afraid to make mistakes. After all, with the help of many people that passionately cheer for you success you will do your best. So while in it, enjoy it fullest. We fish you a very happy celebration and long lasting memories.