Monday, June 28, 2010

Marriage Proposal

Unique marriage proposals often take a ton of planning. Afterwards, most couples note that the entire event seemed to go by in a blur. Do not let that happen to you! Hire a professional photographer to document your proposal.

The photographers at Vadym Vasylenko Photography strive to raise the standard...s of what engagement and wedding photography can be - a series of interconnected moments captured to document the transformation of two separate lives into one. A Love Story. From the moment your loved one’s face registers by your heart. Followed by that brief pause. Then all your shared moments of love and affection flash before your eyes. Your heart flooded with a genuine fear that you might fail. You are both shocked and awed to be in the moment you have been dreaming of since your childhood. Knowing your lives will NEVER be the same again.

There will never be another love story like yours. That is why the moment is special and memorable to all who witness it unfolds. Most engagement proposals usually happen in less than five minutes. Even so, what does that time really mean? When Einstein asked himself a similar question about our relationship to time, he came up with the theory of relativity. His simplification of the theory was, “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’S relativity.

”What do you call the brief hush between the offer and the acceptance? Some people might have called it, “A condition of complete simplicity… is costing no less than everything.” If you have ever experienced this moment, then you know, that these actions do not originate in the mind. Therefore, they cannot be fully understood or rationalized by it.

You can take pictures with the woman you love all the time, but the smile on her face in that moment is something you cannot recreate. This is the real deal. This is authenticity at its finest. Keep in mind she will share this proposal story for many years to come and now, she will have a beautiful photo album to go with it.Vadym Vasylenko Photography offers consultation services, from the preparation of your proposal idea to the final photo album to capture that unforgettable day.

Marriage Proposal package:

- Unique idea for a proposal

- Advice for the location for a proposal

- Photos of your proposal

- Photo book that will capture every second of her/his surprise and excitement

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We also offer variety of products: Invitation Cards, Reception Slideshow, Matted Display, Guest Book, print on canvas, cups and etc..

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Friday, June 11, 2010

PYSANKY by Adriana

Couple weeks ago we visited  Renaissance Fair in Irwindale, and had a pleasure to meet with Adriana who does colorful art of decorating EASTER EGGS, or PYSANKY, that has been a Ukrainian tradition for over ten centuries.

PYSANKY, the richly decorated raw eggs, are never eaten. They are kept in the home from year to year as decorations and as protection from evil, fire and lightning. Friends exchange pysanky that have been blessed on Easter morning to commemorateChrist’s teachings of peace and love.

The word PYSANKA comes from the Ukrainian word “pysaty” which means to write. PYSANKY are decorated by a complicated dye process similar to Batik. Melted beeswax is applied with a stylus, which is called a “kistka” or “pysaltse” to afresh egg, raw, and clear of blemishes.
The egg is dipped into a succession of dye baths, starting from the lightest, usually yellow,and ending with the darkest, typically black. Between each dipping, wax is applied over areas where the preceding color is to remain. After all the designing is complete, the wax is melted off and a hard glaze is applied. Bees wax is used because it staysliquid longer than paraffin, is more pliable, and has an adhering quality; and, of course bee-keeping was very common, so a large natural supply was on hand.

More info about her here: