Friday, March 5, 2010

Grand Openning

Last Saturday we witnessed an opening of new women social club The Tea Room. The reception took place in the Larissa Morais Art Gallery. This spacious gallery is hidden from prying eyes yet in the heart of the historic downtown of the city of Orange - the Orange Circle. After a short speeches and introductions guests were served tea, champagne and tasty treats. Ilya Sergienko was dexterously performing jazz throughout the evening. Ana Gudkova and Shoja Adel delighted us with magic of tango. The pinnacle of the night was a raffle of freebies: restaurant dinner, home decorator consultation, 6 months of membership in the Tea Room.

Here is how organizers explained the club's mission and vision:

"Общение – это основа нашего развития. А живое общение ценно вдвойне. В нашем Салоне Вас ждут встречи с интересными специалистами, курсы и практические занятия. Вы получите знания, которые пригодятся каждой женщине. Увлекательные экскурсии, дегустации, торжественные обеды, а также семейный досуг. Вы наполните жизнь новыми эмоциями, расширите кругозор и обретете новых друзей. Наслаждайтесь жизнью в приятной компании! Открывая дверь в наш клуб, вы открываете дверь в мир безграничных возможностей."

"Communication is the foundation of our development. A live communication is doubly valuable. In our salon, you will be introduced to interesting professionals, courses, and workshops. You will receive knowledge that will be useful to every woman. Fascinating guided tours, wine testing, gala dinners, as well as family leisure. You would fill life with new emotions, broaden your horizons, and gain new friends. Enjoy your life in good company! Opening the door to our club, you open the door to the world of infinite possibilities."

We all looking forward to new meetings and ideas for that wonderful women club in Orange County.

Here, you can look at the pictures from the opening reception:


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